• Loving “I Will Rise!” I’m waiting for you to sing something I don’t LOVE….and I think I’ll be waiting a long time!
  • Today’s music, especially Kneel Down Mary, moved me to tears. You have the voice of an angel. An angel with grit and grace. Thank you!
  • I love your blog and your song. I have never thought about the word “Wonder” before. What a beautiful and complex word, just like all of us humans, and especially our children.
  • I referred you to two friends who I know would love your music. Why? Well, of course because your songs are so real, but specifically, these two friends could really use the example you give of doing your art from the deepest place in you. So inspiring!
  • OMG. I had no idea you were so good, Melissa. Seriously. You should definitely keep going.
  • Thank you very much for your part at GA! I was loving your voice and your pieces! It was a pleasure to work with such a professional artist.
  • This song was amazing. Send me more!
  • How cool to open my email and get a free song from Melissa Monforti today! Made my WEEK! I WILL Rise!
  • Dave and I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the service that you led on Sunday.  It was such a lovely example of an all ages inclusive service.  I think we all left with smiles and an uplifted heart.  We’d love more of this kind of service and more of you!
  • WTH? You went from sweet folk singer to rock star in a blink of an eye. Who knew?
  • Our guests really enjoyed your music. Thank you for gracing our holiday party with your lovely presence and songs.

House Concert