voice of a songwriter

If I Didn’t Share It, It Didn’t Happen

On the recommendation of my dear friend, Phyllis Lundy, I’ve been reading Austin Kleon’s books, Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work. It’s confirming for me that the right things come to me at the right times. In a conversation over coffee and tea, Phyllis and I discussed what was to become this website. In our co-processing, she about her new book and I about my music ventures, I.. Read More

Off the Cliff

Today is February 14, 2015. My website is not even ready yet, but it is time to start writing. My name is Melissa Monforti. I am a singer/songwriter. This website is about my songs, my writing process, my recording adventures, and of course, me. But it’s also about you. Part of my vision is to open my heart and share with my fans and followers the ins and outs of.. Read More


Thank you so much for visiting my brand new website, clearly a work in progress right now. I am working hard to create a place you will love to come visit often. We are all seeking meaning in life.  For me, meaning comes when I share.  Here, you will find stories, snippets, videos, music, and conversations that reflect my process as a songwriter.  If you’re anything like my crazy bunch of.. Read More