voice of a songwriter

Hippie Meditation

I was raised in a culture and time during which meditation was only for hippies. My parents, just old enough to miss the real hippie movement, were rebels of a sort, but not the meditation sort. More the Brooklynites-move-upstate sort. My father is a Vietnam vet. I grew up confused by my intrigue and respect for “Oriental” peoples, which my father spoke of sparingly but reverently, and my nebulous inner.. Read More

Ready For a Game?

Ready for a game? OKAY! Let’s play! Use these five words in any order, adding other words if needed, in one, rational sentence: hippity pleasurable dog fight partisan consultant Here’s mine: Somehow, she found it pleasurable to witness that hippity consultant cheering on a dog fight between the head honchos, exposing the partisan behind the beard and flip flops. That sentence took me like seven minutes to write, but it.. Read More

Songs for Demons

She’s talented, adorable, deep, sweet, and young. She plays with amazing style. She sings in her own powerful, unique voice. She writes from her heart, moving and transformational songs. She’s cut numerous CDs. She’s got a big, fat growing fan base. I wish I was her. Hero worship gets confusing with you idolize someone 15 years younger but with 15 more years experience. There’s this feeling that I should be.. Read More

Big Fat Feeler

My son, who is 11 and a half years old, is a spitfire. He is snarky, quick-witted, sarcastic, foul-mouthed, and smart. He wears his heart on his sleeve and rides his emotions like tornadoes and tidal waves. His face can turn four shades of red before a minute goes by. My boy can go from the height of panic to a “nothing happened here” calm in the flash of a.. Read More

Roll With It

Go Google “How do you write…” and guess what’s the #1 Google guess on autofill?   “…a song.” There are hundreds of resources to learn to write a song! Who knew? I swear, I never thought to research it. I figured it was just something that burbled forth organically. You’re either blessed with the divine power or not. You either got it or you don’t. I had no idea people actually.. Read More

What’s my WHY?

As of this writing, I have spent 27 hours in the recording studio. I won’t tell you how much it has cost, because that’s between me and Luke, but let’s just say I’ve made a substantial investment. Many hours and dollars. No song. Yet. This is a new arena for me. Since my first babysitting gig at age 14, time = money. Like you probably did, I started with hourly.. Read More

Killer Taste – Sucky Songs

I took a seasonal job at the Carousel Mall in Syracuse over Christmas break while I was an undergrad. I worked at The Gap. Little did they know, they hired the Regional Champion Jeans Folder in the lightweight 20-25 year old age bracket. Folding laundry has always been my favorite chore. Everything warm and clean, folded the right way, stacked into the correct pile for the specific family member, then.. Read More


I’m a snoop. Newsflash….we all are. Hasn’t everyone taken the time to ask around about that someone who caught our eye? C’mon, you’ve lurked on an email list.  Who among us hasn’t scoped an old friend’s Facebook page to see what they’re up to? Well, I’m no exception. I spent a few months searching and lurking and scoping out other songwriters’ websites. I looked at their branding, their logos, their.. Read More

backSTORY: Hand in Hand

Love usually inspires songs of despondency or delight. My love inspired something entirely different. Hand in hand Stone by stone Help me build Our sacred home I was sitting in my bed on a lazy Saturday morning in late summer 2011, my favorite sage colored comforter mussed up around me, musing about the man I was then dating – or more accurately, I was sizing him up to my newly.. Read More

A Little Melissa-ness

I feel like I’m a split personality these days. There is all this DUALITY going on. Do I sit down with my computer or my guitar? Do I reach out and make connections or do I insulate and crank it out? Am I a marketeer or a minstrel? It’s a trip being a creative spirit AND a powerhouse business woman. I am blessed with a left AND a right brain… Read More