voice of a songwriter

Teaching Myself to Sing

When people ask me what I do – for a living – I sometimes get a little cheeky. I tell them, “I sing with babies.” I have been a Music Together ® teacher for ten years. The program is like no other. In a nutshell, (and I could go on for days), the intention of Music Together is to empower the family to make live music – that is sing,.. Read More

Songs We Write Just For Ourselves

The year I turned 30 was dramatic. I ended the four year relationship that brought me to Colorado. I owned a house in a hipster hood. I was about to complete my Master’s degree and step out into a new job market. My horizon was wide open. The drama? I was sure I was going to die alone and childless. The only thing on my mind at that time was.. Read More

Getting Through Scarcity Mind

I have a business mind. I am ultra-organized, thrive on planning, and manage my own books down to the penny. If you imagine a creative songwriter as an airy-headed, groundless stoner, I don’t quite fit the bill. Having a business mind has helped me in lots of ways from heading up the Student Environmental Action Coalition as an undergrad at SUNY ESF to scoring a full fellowship to grad school.. Read More

Now, where’d my soul get to this time?

The word “soul” is one of those words that has been co-opted by religion. Not fair. Now every time I want to use the word “soul,” I have to clarify what I’m talking about. It’s not what you’re thinking. I’m not saying “soul” like you think I mean it. What I really mean is… I don’t really know what I mean. What is a soul? Is there such a thing?.. Read More

Divine Intervention

Would you think I was weird if I told you that I sometimes hear voices in my head? I’m not kidding. Once in a long while, a little phrase or word pops into my head and somehow I know it’s not my own thought. Just like there are aspects you just “know” about a scene or person who shows up in a dream, when it comes to these moments, I.. Read More

Mixed Tapes, Bootlegs, Streaming and Other Ways Songwriters Get a Whole Lotta Nothing

It’s done. I’ve recorded my first single. I love listening to it. The harmonies. The pretty chords. The meaning in the words. I am proud of this song. I’m ready to launch. “Open to the World” is ready for the world. This week, I’m meeting with my web designer, choosing the clip to post on the site, setting up the back end and testing the purchase process. Once all is.. Read More

Trips Trip Up the Schedule

PRE-SCRIPT: “Open to the World” will be released mid-late June. Join my mailing list to be the first to hear it! You know that great feeling when you’re all productive, crossing stuff off your list, every day just plugging along? Me too. Love that. Then, you go on a little trip. Or your spouse goes. And everything gets all wonky. Trips trip up the schedule. I know that’s a good.. Read More

Making Magic in the Studio

Every Sunday evening, I have a little ritual. Well, almost every Sunday. My definition of discipline isn’t all that hard and fast. But the ritual works, so I’m sharing it. After all the dinner activities, I sit down at my desk and do some prioritizing for the coming week. I’m an uber organized girl. I find it thrilling to peruse my calendars (yes, I have two) and make time to.. Read More

backSTORY: Open to the World

I drove into Colorado from the east for the first time in my life in August of 1995. Driving in from Nebraska, the Rockies are a distant gray crumple in the horizon. Approaching the formidable Front Range – stretching all the way north and all the way south – you have to make a decision. Either stop or find a pass to plow through. I’m guessing part of the reason.. Read More

Hippie Meditation

I was raised in a culture and time during which meditation was only for hippies. My parents, just old enough to miss the real hippie movement, were rebels of a sort, but not the meditation sort. More the Brooklynites-move-upstate sort. My father is a Vietnam vet. I grew up confused by my intrigue and respect for “Oriental” peoples, which my father spoke of sparingly but reverently, and my nebulous inner.. Read More