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Show Some Respect

I try not to use the phrase, “You’ll understand when you’re older.” I hated hearing this – and I heard it often – when I was a kid. It felt as though grown-ups were hoarding all the good info. Like they knew the answers, but hid them. Like they didn’t trust us kids with the real world. It was a cop out. Kids are capable, but they need a champion.. Read More

Funky Closets

Ugh. Here we go again. I’m in a funk. Why are you even telling people about this? No one cares what you think. You’re the only one who reads your own dumb blog. Go write one of your “deep” little songs. This is such a waste of time. Oh no? Really? Then what do you have to show it? Get a real life. For about a month now, I’ve been.. Read More

Welcome! Start here…

I write songs. And I write a blog. That’s a lot of writing, but it’s okay. I have a busy mind. Did you stop by to hear my music? To read my musings about music? To learn about songwriting? To book a house concert? To be inspired in your own creative work? Whatever the reason, let’s get started! First, I’d be oh so delighted if you’d join my fan list, found in.. Read More

What the Hell is This Song About?

I recently took a four-week storytelling class. Each of the five or so folks in the class would get rolling with their story, and inevitably, the facilitator, author and actor Matthew Taylor, would interrupt with the same question: “So, what is your story about?” It seems like such a straight-forward ask, but the answer turned out to be rather elusive. Only with the support of Mr. Taylor and the group did.. Read More

Uncovering Authenticity

A recent email caught my eye: “Here is your free gift! (as promised)” Normally, a subject line like this would prompt an immediate “Block Sender” action, but the source was an organization I had just researched. While visiting their website, I signed up to get their emails. This must be my opt in gift, I thought. Some gift. It was a link to an old article that is publicly available.. Read More

Quick! Gimme a Song Idea!

Quick!  Gimme a song idea! Seriously, what songs do you need me to write? Something with a little “Kumbaya?” A pop song about pussy power? A chant you can repeat over and over, just to get you through the day? I’m open, people. And I’m kinda in a hurry, because I need a new song by next Friday. Remember that songwriter’s circle I told you about? That’s coming up soon… Read More


As a planner by nature, January is sweeter than Christmas for me. Before the tree even goes up, I’m already pining about the new year and all its promise. I completed my year-end analysis, looking back on the successes and mistakes of last year. I dumped my brain into a notebook, listing a ton of creative ideas for the coming year. Then I pruned it all down to just a handful as.. Read More

Life is Suffering, So Let’s Sing

I was recently seated on the new and comfy couch of my dear friend, Phyllis Lundy. Phyllis’s living room is one of the most beautiful home spaces I’ve ever been. Surrounded by handsome paintings, sculptures, and travel treasures, I have spent many an hour – I usually camp in the same corner – basking in the glow of the soft uplighting of her glass cabinets, setting my teacup on her.. Read More

Words Matter

What’s the word, y’all? Word on the streets is that this blog explores words. Word? Word up. We’ve just come through many months of trauma. You. Me. All of us. The trauma took the form of words spoken. There was no filter. No protection. No one, not even young children, was spared this trauma, and life in the United States and throughout the world has forever shifted, a little or.. Read More