WOO HOO!  You want to use my songs!

All of my songs are my exclusive intellecutal property. That means, in order to use my songs, in whole or in part, for any purpose, payment is required.

Follow these ethical guidelines, and you’ll sleep well at night.

  1. Don’t share the mp3 files. That’s like giving my art away for free. Instead, send your friends a link to my site so they can buy it too!
  2. Got no funds to buy the songs? Stream my music ethically at Standing O Project. Find out how.
  3. Don’t make extra copies of sheet music. Please pay for the number of copies you’ll need.
  4. Need to print or project lyrics for a worship service or memorial or house blessing? The rates are minimal, ($15-50) and depend on the event, so please email me.

Thank you so much for treating my music with respect!