Voice of a Songwriter, a collection of delightfully brash short writings, opens the door to the inner workings of one talented, and yet unknown singer-songwriter, Melissa Monforti. Follow Melissa’s sometimes joyful, sometimes confused, and always honest process, starting with giving herself permission to share her musical gifts with the world. Find out how lyrics evolve along with this woman’s soul and how, over the course of a year, she learns to claim her true voice, the voice of the songwriter she truly is.

Voice of a Songwriter speaks to all creative minds as well as those who aspire to find their own creativity. Crack open this tiny book and find a big world within – the world of opening the heart to find one’s true self.

Melissa Monforti writes songs and words. Since childhood, Melissa has claimed writing as one of her joyful outlets. She muses about her creative life as a singer-songwriter, recording artist, and performer at her blog Voice of a Songwriter. Melissa lives in Golden, Colorado with her husband and their blended family. This is her first publication.