I am a singer-songwriter, recording artist, performer and author based in Golden, Colorado. I started writing songs in 1999 and began recording and writing about my life as a songwriter in March 2015.

You noticed that long lag, huh? Yes, it took me a while to live into my authentic life as a musician, but I’m living it fully without excuses now.

Born on the summer solstice of 1970 in Brooklyn, NY, I grew up in a family of amateur but very talented musicians, always surrounded by people willing to whip up Latin dance parties and sing doo-wop in rich harmonies at every gathering.

I still engage a wonderful community of music-lovers. My husband, my children, and a good number of my friends are all musicians of a sort, and I run two other businesses related to music education.

You’ll learn more about me reading the blog, so go grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea and find a cozy spot to read the musings of my musical mind.

My life, like my music, is a work in progress.  I am always writing.  Writing words and writing music.  Be part of it with me.  I welcome your input and feedback.  I invite you to comment and question and share your work here too.