I write songs. And I write a blog.

That’s a lot of writing, but it’s okay.
I have a busy mind.

Did you stop by to hear my music?
To read my musings about music?
To learn about songwriting?
To book a house concert?

To be inspired in your own creative work?

Whatever the reason, let’s get started!

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Then, please go cruise around! Go to MUSIC to hear and purchase my songs and sheet music. You’re also encouraged to scroll around my BLOG to read short pieces exploring the world inside my songwriter mind. Start with the helpful links in the sidebar, directing you to recent posts.

And COMMENT! Every comment results in me jumping up and down in my little office chair, I swear. I love hearing your take on my creative work, and even more – I love hearing about how YOU are making your stuff in your creative life, so DO comment on the blog. Not only does it make me squeal like a five year old, your comments make my site easier for others to find. Winning!

If you’ve not seen me live, oh dear – please invite me to play a house concert for you. House concerts are my absolute favorite venues – so intimate and relaxed and interactive. See what fans are saying about me.

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Last but not least, my true hope is that by openly sharing my songwriting process, you will be inspired to dig into your creative life. Let’s all help each other! No drop of inspiration is ever wasted. If you’re a painter, dancer, poet, teacher, inventor, speaker, gardener, designer, or general tinkerer – go make something!

Then come back and tell me about it.